Ok I'll admit it, I haven't been focusing a whole lot on wedding plans lately.
A couple of weeks ago I went to a near-by bridal boutique here in Tallahassee and looked at some bridesmaid dresses with Lindsey. I was mainly looking at which designer/line carried a color that was close to what I wanted. There is a color by Alfred Angelo called pool that looked about right. I looked at the different styles of dresses carried by Alfred Angelo as well. Lindsey was my model and tried on all of them for me. She was such a trooper :)
Last weekend when Jacob was here we went to Men's Warehouse and picked out the tuxes for the groomsmen. We are doing 3-button jackets with just a tie, no vest. Men's Warehouse of course didn't carry a tie in the color that I wanted, so I will have to search for those on my own after I settle on my bridesmaid dresses. Right now Jacob and I are trying to do all of the things for the wedding that he needs to be involved in because he is leaving for deployment in January, and that date is coming fast.
I still need to choose MY dress. I'm trying to find time to go to Orlando to look at dresses, but with work and school its hard. I think once I graduate in December I will really be able to get into planning full force.
So far I have my venue, my caterer, my florist, and an idea of which dress I want. I think that's pretty good for 10 months out. Hopefully soon I can start filling in details!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks since my last update!
I received the swatch that I had requested from Ariadress, and the color is what I had hoped for! After much thought, and listening to the opinions of family and friends, I think I'm going to put all of my bridesmaids in the same dress. I think it will look more put together that way and photograph better. I have yet to decide on a dress though, and will definitely be getting some input from my bridesmaids.

I had a phone meeting with my caterer, Kurt Beadell, of Vibrant Table Catering last Wednesday. I met with him back in June when I visited Oregon to begin looking at venues. I explained to him my ideas for the wedding, and he promptly e-mailed me a proposal along with floor plans for both the reception and ceremony.
So far it is looking like an evening wedding, with the ceremony starting at 5pm. About an hour or so of cocktails and hours d'oeuvres following the ceremony, and a plated dinner of salmon. The timeline estimate Kurt gave me had the reception ending at about 11pm. Perfect!
We have another meeting this Wednesday to discuss the plans he had sent me.
I feel like things are starting to fall together! I finally have somewhat of an "outline" of the wedding.

Bridesmaid Ideas...

Monday, September 21, 2009

So I've been looking at some different bridesmaid dresses, and my biggest challenge is finding places that carry the color I want. I love some of the dresses from Jcrew wedding, but sadly they don't carry the color I need.
I found this website, Ariadress.com and I really like some of the dresses. I want simple, classy dresses for all of my beautiful ladies! I have 5 wonderful bridesmaids, and lucky for me they are all gorgeous, so looking good won't be an issue. Aria seems like a good company to work with too, they are sending me swatches of the color I am interested in so I can see what it looks like in person.
Turquoise, #64

There's a variety of different styles, but I can't decide if I want each girl to choose the style she wants, or if I want everyone in the same dress.
I really like this one, I think the twist around the neck makes it look different than a lot of dresses I see. (Don't worry, the flower on the side does NOT come on the dress).

I also like this dress, it looks so classic to me.

There's a few more dresses on the site, those two were just my favorites. I just started looking into bridesmaid dresses, so I haven't figured out shoes or accessories yet. I just know that I want classic, simple, and elegant. I've looked as numerous websites, and so far Ariadress.com are the only ones that I like.
What can I say, I'm picky and I know what I like :)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So lately I have been obsessed with using monogrammed initials throughout the reception. There's so many different ways you can use them, and I think it adds a more personal element to the reception. It is definitely easy to go overboard though, and if done incorrectly it can look incredibly cheesy.
My favorites are monogrammed napkins, and initials on the cake.
I saw these monogrammed coasters on theknot.com and thought they were super cute for cocktail hour

I also liked this do-it-yourself program

And then there's always the wedding favors... At least a coozie is one I know my guests would get use out of, lol.

In the upcoming weeks I should get some more of my plans set. I'm hoping to officially schedule the wedding with the caterer, and begin figuring out the food!

This time next year...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exactly one year until the big day! It's crazy to think that this time next year I'll be getting married. It seems so far away.
I've been thinking about my color scheme, and I pretty much have it figured out. My main color is going to be Tiffany Blue, but more of a vibrant shade of it. I think that will compliment the outdoor vineyard setting perfectly. I really like the way brightly colored flowers look with the blue, and I want to do bright pink. So for the tables during the reception I'm picturing a white tablecloth, blue napkins and accents, blue ribbon on the chairs, and the bright pink flower centerpieces.
I googled "Tiffany blue wedding" and found some great inspiration boards.

The Knot.com is one of my favorite wedding planning websites. They have information about everything. One of my favorite things to look at on there is the pictures of real weddings. You can look at them by color theme too. Here's some of the inspiration I pulled from the blue wedding section:

I'm so excited to get started with all the planning! I have all these ideas and I can't wait to make them all actually happen!
It's funny, I usually hear about the groom not caring about the wedding plans, and not wanting a say in them. Well, that's not exactly my future husband. At one point I was thinking of doing a green and pink wedding. That didn't fly. Jacob said there was no way he would have a "kiwi strawberry" wedding. He absolutely refused to have a wedding with those colors. In the end I changed back to my original color, blue, and I'm glad I did. Luckily Jacob is a fan of the blue. It's funny the things guys will suddenly have strong opinions about. Apparently Jacob has a strong hatred for the color green. Oh the things you learn....

My First Blog

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So I decided to create this blog because lately that seems to be the "thing" to do, so of course I want try it.
I recently got engaged this past May to the most amazing guy, and have just started the long but exciting adventure of wedding planning!
Jake and I are both originally from Oregon, so naturally we have decided to have the big event there. We went to visit last month and looked at a few venues. I completely fell in love with the Zenith Vineyards. As soon as I walked into the ballroom, and then outside to where the ceremony would be held, I fell in love. It was the most perfect place for our wedding, and was exactly what I had wanted. The next day we booked it! The wedding will be September 3rd, 2010! Here's just a couple of pictures I snapped real quick while we were touring the vineyard:

This is where the ceremony would be held
This is the ballroom where the reception would be held

Those 2 balcony's overlooking the ballroom are from the gorgeous bridal suite!
This is the deck that leads from the ballroom to where the reception will be held outside
Ahhh I can't wait! The planning begins....