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Monday, September 21, 2009

So I've been looking at some different bridesmaid dresses, and my biggest challenge is finding places that carry the color I want. I love some of the dresses from Jcrew wedding, but sadly they don't carry the color I need.
I found this website, and I really like some of the dresses. I want simple, classy dresses for all of my beautiful ladies! I have 5 wonderful bridesmaids, and lucky for me they are all gorgeous, so looking good won't be an issue. Aria seems like a good company to work with too, they are sending me swatches of the color I am interested in so I can see what it looks like in person.
Turquoise, #64

There's a variety of different styles, but I can't decide if I want each girl to choose the style she wants, or if I want everyone in the same dress.
I really like this one, I think the twist around the neck makes it look different than a lot of dresses I see. (Don't worry, the flower on the side does NOT come on the dress).

I also like this dress, it looks so classic to me.

There's a few more dresses on the site, those two were just my favorites. I just started looking into bridesmaid dresses, so I haven't figured out shoes or accessories yet. I just know that I want classic, simple, and elegant. I've looked as numerous websites, and so far are the only ones that I like.
What can I say, I'm picky and I know what I like :)

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  1. So I JUST figured out that you had one of these. Awesome. Big fan of blogs, and I'm SO glad you are sharing the details of your wedding planning and everything. First of all, very, seriously, super happy for you and Jake. I never would have guessed that you too would end up together, but now that I see the image, it fits! Congratulations, and I wish you two the absolute BEST. Second of all, I love the color you chose for the wedding. The Tiffany blue is a supreme classic, and will accent you perfectly (I remember you loving the color even when we were growing up) :-)
    Keep those updates coming, its so great to read up on dear friends. <3