My First Blog

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So I decided to create this blog because lately that seems to be the "thing" to do, so of course I want try it.
I recently got engaged this past May to the most amazing guy, and have just started the long but exciting adventure of wedding planning!
Jake and I are both originally from Oregon, so naturally we have decided to have the big event there. We went to visit last month and looked at a few venues. I completely fell in love with the Zenith Vineyards. As soon as I walked into the ballroom, and then outside to where the ceremony would be held, I fell in love. It was the most perfect place for our wedding, and was exactly what I had wanted. The next day we booked it! The wedding will be September 3rd, 2010! Here's just a couple of pictures I snapped real quick while we were touring the vineyard:

This is where the ceremony would be held
This is the ballroom where the reception would be held

Those 2 balcony's overlooking the ballroom are from the gorgeous bridal suite!
This is the deck that leads from the ballroom to where the reception will be held outside
Ahhh I can't wait! The planning begins....

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