This time next year...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exactly one year until the big day! It's crazy to think that this time next year I'll be getting married. It seems so far away.
I've been thinking about my color scheme, and I pretty much have it figured out. My main color is going to be Tiffany Blue, but more of a vibrant shade of it. I think that will compliment the outdoor vineyard setting perfectly. I really like the way brightly colored flowers look with the blue, and I want to do bright pink. So for the tables during the reception I'm picturing a white tablecloth, blue napkins and accents, blue ribbon on the chairs, and the bright pink flower centerpieces.
I googled "Tiffany blue wedding" and found some great inspiration boards.

The is one of my favorite wedding planning websites. They have information about everything. One of my favorite things to look at on there is the pictures of real weddings. You can look at them by color theme too. Here's some of the inspiration I pulled from the blue wedding section:

I'm so excited to get started with all the planning! I have all these ideas and I can't wait to make them all actually happen!
It's funny, I usually hear about the groom not caring about the wedding plans, and not wanting a say in them. Well, that's not exactly my future husband. At one point I was thinking of doing a green and pink wedding. That didn't fly. Jacob said there was no way he would have a "kiwi strawberry" wedding. He absolutely refused to have a wedding with those colors. In the end I changed back to my original color, blue, and I'm glad I did. Luckily Jacob is a fan of the blue. It's funny the things guys will suddenly have strong opinions about. Apparently Jacob has a strong hatred for the color green. Oh the things you learn....

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