Small Update

Friday, January 29, 2010

So I spoke with my caterer/wedding coordinator, Kurt, about a week ago. I informed him of some changes I wanted to make (mainly with the food) and we discussed the timeline and overall feel for the wedding.
I've decided to give people the option of a salmon dish, a pork dish, or a vegetarian dish. I personally am super excited about salmon, and do not understand people who dislike fish :)
I was super excited when Kurt revealed to me that he now has Tiffany Blue linens!!! Before I was thinking that I would have to use cream or ivory colored linens, but now I feel as though the reception is going to have exactly the look that I've been picturing!
I have decided to go with all white flowers, when I previously wanted colors.
I feel that all white is more classic and elegant, especially with the Tiffany colored linens.
The ceremony is to start at 5pm, and the reception will go until 11.
I finally received the sample of my save-the-dates and everything looked perfect! The order is being processed now! Expect them in your mail box mid-February!

Seating Cards

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have decided that since I am having a formal plated dinner at the reception that it would be best to have assigned seating. That means I will need cards that tell guests which table they are at, and cards at their seats to tell them who sits where.
For the cards at their seat I have decided to use wine corks! I think that would fit perfectly with the theme of the vineyard! I've seen it done two different ways:

Which look do you like better?
I've seen a variety of cute ideas for the cards with guests table numbers as well. One of my favorites is done with clothes pins:

I would like to do something unique like that, but I guess its going to come down to how much room I have. The cards also need to be easily accessible to guests so that they can spot their names easily.
The third part of the assigned seating situation is the table numbers. I've seen a couple different ones that I liked.

I would like to make the table numbers myself. I was thinking of using some nice card stock, maybe in blue. If I could find numbered stamps,then I could use my embosser to give a more professional look than just plain ink. I guess I'll have to play around with it and see what ends up working out best!

Super Excited!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So today my mom and I went to Maureen Hall in Winter Park to look at save the dates and invitations. I actually found my save the dates and placed an order for them! They are super cute, and I don't want to spill any info about them on here, because I want you all to be surprised! We also picked out the invitations while I was there too. They are very classic and elegant, just perfect.
I've also been working on our wedding website. It isn't finished yet, but ya'll can take a look and check again later for updates.
I've also decided on my bridesmaid dresses. They are from Alfred Angelo and the color is called "Pool." I think all of my girls are going to look great in the dress.

I'm going to order my dress next month, and the save the dates should be arriving by the end of February/beginning of March!

So Sorry!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I haven't updated on here for so long, I'm sorry! I haven't done a whole lot of wedding planning though, so I don't have much more to share. But since I am now done with school, bring on the wedding planning! Jacob leaves for his deployment in about a week, and then I'm really going to work on everything. Last month I was able to pick out my bridesmaid dresses, and I think I have decided on my save-the-dates. Jacob and I worked on our registry at Macy's, and I'm going to do one at Crate and Barrel as well. Not much else has been figured out though. I will update again soon with more info, promise!