Seating Cards

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have decided that since I am having a formal plated dinner at the reception that it would be best to have assigned seating. That means I will need cards that tell guests which table they are at, and cards at their seats to tell them who sits where.
For the cards at their seat I have decided to use wine corks! I think that would fit perfectly with the theme of the vineyard! I've seen it done two different ways:

Which look do you like better?
I've seen a variety of cute ideas for the cards with guests table numbers as well. One of my favorites is done with clothes pins:

I would like to do something unique like that, but I guess its going to come down to how much room I have. The cards also need to be easily accessible to guests so that they can spot their names easily.
The third part of the assigned seating situation is the table numbers. I've seen a couple different ones that I liked.

I would like to make the table numbers myself. I was thinking of using some nice card stock, maybe in blue. If I could find numbered stamps,then I could use my embosser to give a more professional look than just plain ink. I guess I'll have to play around with it and see what ends up working out best!


  1. I like the second wine cork option better (the horizontal ones)... can you buy those in bulk?

  2. One idea for the table numbers... since stamps that big get pricier and you would have to buy all the different numbers, you could just print them out on the computer in whatever font and color on nicer looking paper, and then buy a decorative stamp (like the chandelier one above) to put on it. And then put them in silver frames.

  3. Yup, corks are pretty inexpensive when you buy them in bulk.