Small Update

Friday, January 29, 2010

So I spoke with my caterer/wedding coordinator, Kurt, about a week ago. I informed him of some changes I wanted to make (mainly with the food) and we discussed the timeline and overall feel for the wedding.
I've decided to give people the option of a salmon dish, a pork dish, or a vegetarian dish. I personally am super excited about salmon, and do not understand people who dislike fish :)
I was super excited when Kurt revealed to me that he now has Tiffany Blue linens!!! Before I was thinking that I would have to use cream or ivory colored linens, but now I feel as though the reception is going to have exactly the look that I've been picturing!
I have decided to go with all white flowers, when I previously wanted colors.
I feel that all white is more classic and elegant, especially with the Tiffany colored linens.
The ceremony is to start at 5pm, and the reception will go until 11.
I finally received the sample of my save-the-dates and everything looked perfect! The order is being processed now! Expect them in your mail box mid-February!

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