My Love Affair/Recent Obsession with Monogramming

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A couple of mornings ago Jacob and I somehow found ourselves on the topic of monograms. I asked him what he thought of a monogrammed throw I had found at Pottery Barn. He responded by telling me he really doesn't like monogramming.
He clearly has no idea what he is talking about.
I personally love monogramming. It is a recent obsession of mine. I think it started while I was planning our wedding.
Our invitations contained our monogram:

Our monogram was written in flower petals at the vineyard where we had the ceremony:

My Uncle Chuck, who did all of our flowers, created custom-made slips to go over the vases of all the centerpieces with our monogram on them:

And of course, our cake had our monogram as well:

Notice the gorgeous Waterford Crystal toasting glasses, a gift from my Grandparents. ALSO personalized.
Yea, my husband sure seemed to like monogramming then.
Monogramming takes average things and makes them AWESOME.
This morning I was looking at monogrammed aprons at They have the largest personalization options that I have found thus far.
I would like mine in Dotville-Lime with my monogram in hot pink thread. Please and thank you.
I am also in love with these red hemstiched placemats from Williams-Sonoma. I think they would be PERFECT for the holidays, and would go great with my everyday dishes, which are already green.

And of course, the Pottery Barn throw that started it all

I think I've proved my point.
Jacob, you are wrong.
Monogramming, is in fact, awesome.
I mean come on, the guy even had a shirt custom made for him with HIS INITIALS stiched on the cuffs for our wedding.

Hmmmm... Doesn't look like he dislikes monograms there....

Perhaps monogram is just too feminine of a word. Maybe when we are addressing guys we need to simply refer to it as "putting your initials on something" and then they'll be cool with it.

Either way, I'm going to stick monograms where ever I please!

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  1. Hey girl, I just found your blog and it may be my new obbsession! ha I gotta agree with you... I'm loving EVERYTHING monogrammed. My husby asked me the other day if I keep forgetting my new last name because our initial is on everything haha