For My Girlfriends

Monday, November 15, 2010

Seriously, I miss my girlfriends.
My husband is amazing, and he honestly is my best friend. BUT sometimes a chick just needs some girl time, and I happen to have some AMAZING ladies in my life. I think they have set such high standards that everyone I've met here in Georgia just can't compete.
I have the most interesting and entertaining group of friends, and yes my mother is included in that group.

Boring is one word they are not.
Basically, one of you better plan a trip to come visit me soon, or better yet move near me. 
Jacob is getting tired of watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with me (he prefers New Jersey). 
He is tired of going shopping with me and patiently waiting as I do laps around stores and then head into the fitting rooms for another 30 minutes. He does not care about celebrity gossip, who wore what, or what the newest trends are.
Guys are great, but a girl still needs her girlfriends too.


  1. aww well you know your irrelpaceable!! i am coming to see you in december lovie! call me this week!! :)