Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've been so bad about writing in here lately!
Jacob is still working crazy hours, but we are SUPER excited that he has Thanksgiving weekend off, so we will be heading to Orlando to spend the holiday with my parents :)

We finally received the disk with our wedding pictures. They weren't edited very well, but luckily my hubby has some amazing photography software, so he was able to fix them up. We are going to be uploading them to www.mpix.com sometime this week so we (along with everyone else who wants some pics) can order them.

I also just found out that Jacob has this weekend off! I'm not sure what we are going to do yet, but I'm really happy to have more time to spend together. This six day a week work schedule he has going on is tough on both of us.

I'm already getting excited about Christmas. 
I'm ready to start putting up decorations.
 I'm ready to start watching Christmas movies and sing along with Christmas music. 
BUT I'm forcing myself to wait until after Thanksgiving.
I spotted this salt and pepper shaker set a couple of weeks ago and HAD to get it.

Santa Clause kissing Mrs. Clause on the cheek. How cute!

Last week I had a couple of job interviews. One of them was here in Georgia, and the other was for a job in Portland. I should find out about the Georgia job this week, and the Portland job in a couple of weeks.
Yes, Jacob and I have decided that we are definitely going to move back to Portland.

He wants to finish school at University of Portland, and I've always wanted to move back. This also means that Jacob will NOT be re-enlisting. I'm pretty happy about that :) I'm excited to not have to go through another deployment. That was NOT fun. So the plan is that Jacob will move back to Portland this summer (when his enlistment ends) and I will move back sometime between then and now. Basically whenever I get a job there.
Is it sad that when I think about moving to Oregon I get excited about wearing coats and boots?

Oh how I've missed cozy sweaters, warm fireplaces, and the chance of a white Christmas.

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  1. NICOLE! This is so awesome! I remember how much I loved living in Chicago, but there really is no place like Portland. <3 Keep us updated on all this exciting stuff!