Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I don't know why, but recently I'm obsessed with rainboots.
I really really want a pair.
For some reason I feel like I just need them for Europe.
I was looking on Piperlime and decided that I want a pair of classic Hunter rainboots:

Purple or traditional black? I can't decide. I just know that I need a pair.
I have this image of myself walking around various cities in Europe, rain or snow, in some rainboots.

I also like these not so traditional rainboots from Kate Spade:

I have a feeling this "I need (fill in the blank) for Europe!" is going to be a re-occurring theme...


  1. You really do need rain boots for Europe. It rains all the time here, usually 3-4 days a week! I bought rain boots before we left the States and couldnt be happier that I did! =)

  2. You're definitely going to need rain boots for Aviano. It rains all the time here! I have a pair, and I'm so glad I have them for the days it rains 1-2"!

  3. I love the Kate Spade ones! So cute and so you! And I think there is nothing wrong with "I need blank for Europe" being a reoccuring theme for your blog! xoxo