Cookie Mission Accomplished

Monday, December 20, 2010

Time to play catch up! I've been meaning to post, but the hubs was home a lot last week (he doesn't really have to work much till after the new year now), and it's hard to get a free moment when he's around!

I finished all the Christmas cookies last Tuesday. Whew. That sure turned into quite a task! I love baking though (would I love it as much without my "cinnamon" Kitchenaid? probably not...) and I'm already thinking about maybe trying out some new cookie recipes before we leave for Orlando.
I put together about 10 plates of cookies for all the guys in Jacob's shop, and still had some left over for us.

I made 4 more types of cookies to add the the Rudolph and spritz cookies that I already blogged about.
Pumpkin Ginger cookies (AMAZING. Probably some of the best cookies I've ever baked)
Choc. Chip shortbread sticks

Sugar Cookie cut-outs
Peppermint bark (Both milk chocolate and white chocolate)

Message me if you would like any of these recipes!
Thursday night was the holiday party. To be completely honest, I don't remember much and neither does my hubby. The general consensus was that this party was going to be pretty boring (it was basically on a farm, and not a neat one), so we met up with a few people to have drinks beforehand.
Here's Jacob and I before the party:

This week will most likely be full of some last minute shopping, and lots of free time to just enjoy ourselves. And maybe a project or two to keep myself entertained...


  1. All of those cookies look delicious!!!

  2. I would love your recipe for the pumpkin ginger cookies!!!! They sound delicious!

  3. Your spread of cookies looks amazing!!! It makes me want to get into the kitchen and get going... I usually do the same thing each year but seem to be sorely behind. PS you guys are adorable together!!

  4. please excuse the previous comment... my husband was signed in on the computer and it came up mathew!