Orlando for the holidays

Monday, January 3, 2011

So sorry for my long absence!
We spent little over a week in Orlando with my parents, and had the most fabulous Christmas and a very happy new year!
For the first time in 2 years we were actually able to get to Orlando before Christmas eve. My parents and brother began a new Christmas eve dinner tradition: homemade pizzas. It's really a genius idea when you think about it. We do our huge dinner on Christmas day, so we typically do something smaller and casual for Christmas eve. My brother made all of the pizza dough from scratch, and everyone got to create their own pizzas. It was a fun, hands-on way for everyone to be involved in dinner.

Christmas day was wonderful and relaxing. Jake and I were really spoiled this year. It's crazy to think that we will be spending Christmas next year in Italy.

The day after Christmas my father threw an "end of year" party for the internet businesses he owns. Jake and I, along with my brother, his girlfriend, and my mom all received invitations in the mail for this party, and no one had the slightest clue what my dad was up to.
Well, long story short, it ended up being an AMAZING night. There was lots of alcohol, a limo, dinner, iPod Shuffles for everyone, and a return home that no one quite remembers.

For new years eve Jake and I decided to take my parents out. We went to an Irish pub for drinks, a very different Mexican restaurant for dinner, then back to the Irish pub for more drinks.
I think right now my parents are our favorite people to party with.
Who would have thought?

I am very excited for 2011.
2010 was such an incredible year, full of very difficult times (Jacob was deployed from January-July), and the most amazing, wonderful times (getting married of course in September).

Here's to another amazing year!


  1. Love the post! Does your brother cook? He reminds me so much of Timmy <3 Except I have Timmy make my pizza for me :P Also, he doesn't have a girlfriend, but I'm working on that!

  2. Haha yea my brother cooks, he's actually taking culinary classes in Orlando right now.