Happy Valentine's Day (A Day Late)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

 So this was supposed to have been posted yesterday, but I must have gotten distracted and forgot to hit "publish post." Anyways luckily blogger automatically saves all drafts, so lets just pretend that it's yesterday for a second...

Happy Valentine's day!

A heart shaped breakfast for my Valentine
 This year Valentine's day came a little early for me. On Saturday the hubs announced that he was going to take me on a little shopping spree. I honestly can't thing of a better gift :)
I'm not sure if this is normal, but my husband is one of my favorite people to shop with. He holds my purse, my bags, gives me opinions on everything, and knows exactly what I like and what looks good on me (all while being a manly-man, of course).
He's such a trooper.
I think the items that I got the most excited about were:
Jack Rogers Sandels
J.Crew chino shorts (I got a variety of colors)
Hey, it's hard to find good shorts that fit well.
I also found some super cute sundresses, a variety of cute tops, skirts, and whatnot.
I was sadly let down by Lilly Pulitzer. At both Bloomies and the Lilly store in Winter Park they had very few sizes in any of their spring merchandise. I suppose I'll just have to settle with ordering online.

Tonight I'm cooking dinner for the hubs, but unfortunately the dessert I made (strawberry cheesecake) doesn't seem to be turning out as I had planned. It doesn't look quite right, but perhaps it will taste good?


  1. I love those shoes! Hope the cheesecake was good.

  2. Cute breakfast!!! Blogger has an option under 'post options' when you do a new post that you can change the date and time to back date it... if you wanted to make it date official! I've done it before :P Haha. Hope the cheesecake turned out like you planned!

  3. hey that breakfast looks awfully familiar! (minus the heart shape... can't say I ever cut out a heart when I was making that for us at 3am lol)