Sunshine in the South

Monday, March 21, 2011

This past weekend was one of those wonderful, relaxing weekends that I can never get enough of.
I don't know if it was because the weather was so awesome or what, but Jacob and I were in fabulous moods and completely content.
Friday Jacob got out of work super early. He took it upon himself to go to the grocery store, and picked up some steaks and other yummy treats (including some Ben & Jerry's for me, Yum). That afternoon we basked in the sunshine for a while, and my freckles came out of hibernation. Then we enjoyed some beers and grilled steaks for dinner.
Saturday morning we decided to go play some tennis, since once again it was such a pretty day. I haven't played tennis for well over a year, and I'm still sore.
Jacob had lots of homework to do, so I ventured out to the nearby used bookstore, where I wandered each and every row of books, easily spending over an hour in there. There were many that I wanted to take home with me, but settled on just two. I can always go back right?
I finished reading Something Blue on Sunday, which much like I predicted, was just as awesome as Something Borrowed. These were the kind of books that I could have easily finished in a day if I had wanted to. I cannot wait to read the other books by Emily Giffin.
I have an appointment on base for Wednesday afternoon to finish my medical clearance. Finally!
Now that it's almost April, reality is finally starting to set in that we are actually moving to Italy. We are in the process of planning a trip down to Orlando to spend time with my parents.
That is for sure what I'm going to miss the most, seeing my parents often and speaking to them on the phone whenever I please. I don't think I've ever gone more than a couple of months without seeing them, so this will be an interesting adjustment. Even Jacob said that he was really going to miss spending time with my parents, and wished we could take them with us, lol.
That's all for now, hopefully this will be a great week!


  1. That's an incredibly adorable life you've got there. You guys sound like the perfect, happy TV couple, and that makes me smile.

  2. I absolutely LOVE anything written by Emily Giffin! They're great easy reads. Good luck with your medical clearance! Mine literally took about 5 minutes. 2 nurses asked me a few questions, and then took me to meet the Med Group Commander. He shook my hand, and told me to have fun in Italy. :)

  3. I've never read anything by Emily Giffin but I've been browsing. Any suggestions to get me started?

    Good weekends with great weather are the best!!

  4. Oh wow the weather in the picture looks beautiful!! I miss the south :)

  5. send some of that perfect weather westward, please! it has been rainy rainy rainy here and i am sooo over it.

  6. How exciting that you are moving to Italy!!! That would definitely be my dream!

  7. gotta find my copy of something blue!

    before we moved from Fl to Ca I had never gone more than 2 months without seeing my mom. it definitely makes you appreciate home/family sooo so much. and it also makes for wonderfully teary reunions!
    have fun in Orlando :)

  8. i hope your move goes well and what a fun bbq! i know it must be hard leaving your family but i'm sure you'll be fine. found your blog from 20 something bloggers - loving all of the pink!

  9. Just found your blog! I love anything by Emily Griffin!