Current Living Situation

Monday, May 16, 2011

We are back in Warner Robins for the week, but we are staying in TLF (temporary living facility) on base, which I must say is a much better experience than I had thought.
Everything with this PCS is a new experience for the both of us. I'm kind of glad it worked out that way. Neither of us know what to expect, and were learning together.
Somehow we ended up with a two bedroom place for the week. We walked in and the place was bigger than our apartment. Full kitchen, 3 TVs (one in each bedroom, and one in the living room), a DVD player, double sink bathroom. Not too shabby. Thanks Air Force.
While the hubs is running all over the place out-processing this week, I feel as though I will be able to keep myself pretty entertained. We have two cars here right now (our friend's who is deployed, and my dad's) so I have the freedom to go where I please.
I also had a feeling there would be a DVD player so I raided my father's insanely large movie collection while we were in Florida, and brought about 6 movies and a season of Home Improvement (remember that show? Tim Allen totally reminds me of my father which makes the show that much more enjoyable).
I'm running short on books though. I brought 4 with me and let the movers pack all the rest. Whops. I'm on book number 3 of the 4. Looks like I might need to make a trip to the bookstore, especially because I have a week here in Georgia, another 2 weeks in Florida, and then who knows how long we will be without our stuff in Italy.
Book suggestions anyone?
Last week I finished Water for Elephants (AMAZING! Best ending I have read in a LONG time) and Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. I have American Wife which is also by Curtis Sittenfeld that I still need to read, and I'm going to order the Emily Giffen books that I have yet to read (Baby Proof and Heart of the Matter) for my super long plane ride.
So any suggestions for some great reads would be very much appreciated! I plan on making a trip to the used bookstore here in Warner Robins this week!


  1. No good book suggestions but know your HHG (House Hold Goods) will get to port 6-8 weeks after you shipped them. Have fun with the family before your trip over the pond!

  2. The Help, by Kathryn Stockett is supposed to be really good. It's on my Book Club's list this year. 8)
    Also, if you haven't read The Host by Stephenie Meyer I suggest you do so immediately.