Greetings from Florida

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello y'all!
I'll admit, it has been tough for me to keep up with my blog lately.
Instead of living in total chaos during the midst of this move, we have escaped to my parent's house in Florida, and oh how lovely it has been.
Seriously, I completely recommend a month long break from life before an overseas PCS.
The movers came to our place last week to pack up all of our belongings into 5 huge wooden crates that will be shipped across the ocean to our new home in Italia.
It was crazy. They packed these wooden crates FULL and then took another piece of wood and nailed the crate shut.

Apparently we had a lot more stuff than the movers had originally thought. That doesn't surprise me.
The hubs and I are now left with two suitcases each to our name. Trying to fit everything I would want for the next month or two into one large suitcase and one small suitcase was no easy feat.
I feel like I should be doing something now, to prepare for this life changing event. Perhaps I just feel like this because it is our first PCS, or maybe I will always feel this way with every move we endure.
All I know is that I am getting seriously anxious to get over to Italy. I can't wait to go house hunting.
I hope when we arrive things aren't too stressful. That is my personal goal, to stay calm during the craziness. I am by nature a total freak-out.
We have about 3 more weeks left here in the U.S.
I wonder if they will fly by or crawl by?


  1. When you get here, just take your time finding a a place. You will hear in right start about how you need to find one quickly and you may hear that from others as well. Just take your time, so many people regret living where they do because they felt they made the decision too quickly. I think we had 5 crates as well :)

  2. Good Luck on your move! I remember we had 4 crates that included one large one for our sofa. You will be here before you know it!