First trip to Venice

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Saturday Jacob and I decided to make our first trip out to Venice.
I knew we were close, but honestly I didn't realize how close. We caught the train (my first time on a train and, yes I thought it was the coolest thing ever) in the nearby city of Sacile and in an hour we arrived in Venice. It was absolutely breathtaking. Honestly, it was just like what you see in the movies. I was blown away. I think that's when it finally hit me that we now live in Italy. The weather was gorgeous, and it was about 10am by the time we arrived. We didn't have any particular plans, we just wanted to explore. Our goal was to eventually make it to San Marco's square, which we did, but I doubt we took the shortest route. We had lunch and stayed until late afternoon. Once we were tired we hopped back on the train and headed home. It was nice to not feel pressure to see everything in one day. We know we can go back anytime we want, which I still cannot wrap my head around. Here are a few of the pictures from our day:



  1. love love love!! cannot wait to come visit!! is it december yet?!? ILY!

  2. Amazing picutres! Venice is one of my most favorite cities in the world, I absoutely love it.

  3. Great shots. No one ever goes the shortest route to the square their first time. I am glad you are enjoying your time so far!