House Update

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We are almost out of the hotel, whew.
We spent part of the weekend and this past week cleaning our house. I'm just going to say it's filthy, and leave it at that. Like, it probably hasn't been cleaned in a decade. Every inch is just dirty. Ok, that's all I'll say about it I promise.
Yesterday TMO came with all of the things that the military provides for us. We got a washer and dryer, 4 wardrobes (they actually didn't look bad. I think we lucked out. I've heard stories about what others have received), a refrigerator (American size, yay!), and a GIANT microwave (actually, it's a microwave oven. All we needed was a small regular microwave, but oh well....).
After seeing this stuff delivered to our house, I have become even MORE antsy about our home goods arriving. The internet is also going to be installed tomorrow, which I am INCREDIBLY excited about.
I believe we are going to check out of our hotel either tomorrow or Friday, and start staying at the house.
The house might be empty, but at least we'll have cooking supplies (borrowed from base), food, a BBQ, internet, and an air mattress.
Hopefully (fingers crossed) our home goods will arrive next week.
I cannot wait to put our house together.


  1. Pictures!!! I can't wait to see pictures! Does everyone get an American-sized fridge? The spoiled American that I am just got incredibly happy about that—same with the microwave! Does your house have an it normal sized or easy-bake-oven size?

    I'm happy things are progressing for you guys out there!

  2. I have an italian sized friedge and oven. Wish both could be bigger, but it's okay. :) Hope you get settled in well!

  3. I am so jealous that you got an American sized fridge! We got tiny everything. I am surprised though that everything was dirty dirty Housing does an inspection every time someone leaves a house. Ours looked clean but really the nooks and crannies of it weren't. Glad to see everything going smoothly for you!