Re-Purposing Furniture

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This has only been our first move, but already I am learning some important tricks.
As we accumulate more furniture and move all over the world, I have discovered the importance of re-purposing furniture.

When we first moved into our little apartment in Georgia, we basically started out with nothing. My husband went from college dorms to Air Force dorms and had absolutely nothing to "bring to the table" house-wise. I had accumulated a few things while in college, but as far as furniture goes I only had a few pieces that I had grown up with at my parents house. This included a small desk, matching dresser and mirror, and nightstand. My parents were ever so generous, and gave us a lovely sleigh-bed that was residing in their guest room and a baker's rack. My husband and I slowly started furnishing our little one-bedroom apartment, and by the end of our time in Georgia our place was bursting at the seams with stuff.

Here in our new place we have PLENTY of space, and it feels so wonderful to not be starting out from scratch.

There has been lots of rearranging and with this I am finding certain pieces that no longer fit. Right before leaving Georgia we purchased a new desk and a matching credenza, both of which are light colored. We had a dark colored bookcase in the living room that we used to store books, movies, pictures and other trinkets. The living room here is small, so last week when the movers came we had them place this bookcase in the office, along with the credenza and the desk.
Well, the dark colored bookshelf clearly looked out of place (that's and understatement). We also no longer had a use for it as a bookcase.

So I had an idea.

I currently do not have a china cabinet (we have plans to get one before leaving Italy), but I have pretty wedding china and crystal glasses that have been sitting in boxes since our wedding (almost a year ago!). I have been dying for a china cabinet so that I can display it all.

I asked my husband to move the bookshelf downstairs into the dining room. I got out all of my china and started arranging it on the shelves.
Before I knew it I had re-purposed the bookshelf into a make-shift china cabinet. Another bonus, it happens to match our table too.

Another problem I was presented with during our move was the bathroom. It doesn't have much space, and leaves barely any room for a girl to get ready.
Since we no longer needed to use the small desk from our old apartment as a desk, I decided to re-purpose it as a vanity. I snagged the matching mirror from the dresser, and voila. I created a space that is my own so that I can do my hair and make-up in peace and out of the way.

Taking pieces that we already have and re-purposing them to fit other needs has been a huge help as we settle into our new place, and a trick that I'm sure will serve me well in future moves.


  1. Making your own vanity was a fantastic idea! Have you found that there are places (besides Ikea) to shop there? I know this may be a silly question, but do they have yard sales or just random shops with furniture (not on base)?

  2. Very cool! I love the bookshelf into a china cabinet idea… so fun! And awesome that you finally have your beautiful wedding gifts out of boxes.

  3. Love the vanity what a great idea!!