Remember Me?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wow, it's been a while.
That has probably been the longest break I've taken from blogging since I started about two years ago.
What caused this?
Nothing in particular. Just simply wasn't in the mood. I prefer to blog about happy, fun times. This past month hasn't been an easy one, but things are finally settling down.
Both the hubs and I never really got a chance to settle into our new home and life here in Italy. Things were pretty hectic from the moment we got here. We are now finally able to relax and things are starting to feel normal.
As soon as we returned home from traveling with my husbands parents back in August, Jake was told he was going on a month long TDY. 3 days later he left.
Unfortunately we didn't get to spend our first anniversary together, which was a slight disappointment. But that's military life. You never know whats going to happen and things can change in an instant, but it makes you appreciate things that much more. You learn not to take things for granted.
My hubby returned home about a week and a half ago, just in time for the beginning of fall. We are heading to Germany for Oktoberfest this weekend, which should be a blast.
I'm in the process of planning many trips for these upcoming months, and I will be doing much more blogging, I promise :)


  1. I was constantly checking for an update! Glad you are getting to finally settle down! Have a blast in Germany! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!

  2. Glad to have you back :) Those short-notice TDY and deployments are probably the worst part of the military. (Yeah, the separation sucks, but not having time to plan for them to be gone is ridiculously awful.)

    have fun in Germany!

  3. Wow! Germany in October sounds like a blast! Hope you get/got to enjoy yourself! Glad to know your husband is home from TDY, and sorry to hear he missed your anniversary. Although you know that is military life, still a bummer. Luckily you have many years to spend together! Congratulations!