Oktoberfest 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last weekend the hubs and I ventured up to Germany with some friends to attend Oktoberfest.
I am going to start by saying I really do love Germany. I think the country is so beautiful. We have traveled up North to both Slovenia and Austria, but this was our first trip to Germany. Seeing as I absolutely loved our previous trips up North (Salzburg is still one of my favorite places), I was pretty sure I would love Germany as well.
I was right.
We drove up on Friday afternoon and arrived at our hotel just in time for dinner. We stayed just outside of Munich in a small town called Oberammergau. We all enjoyed some German food (not my favorite, but a nice change from Italian) and some German beer (yum!).
The train station was right across the street from our hotel, so Saturday morning we woke up bright and early in order to catch the 6:30am train into Munich. While we all struggled to wake up on the train ride, we were accompanied by many Germans who had already started to party. Apparently we didn't receive the memo about pre-gaming for Oktoberfest....
Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that this festival involved lots of drinking. We didn't bring our fancy camera with us, but luckily my friend Amanda brought hers. Some of the photos are courtesy of her!

When we first arrived at the fairgrounds it looked like a huge carnival. Each brewing company had there own "tent" and the big decision was which tent did we want to spend our day at. Many of them had lines of people, so we just continued walking until we got to the end and spotted a tent that had already started seating people.

We walked inside and expected to have to search for an empty table, but a nice German woman came up to me and showed us to some seats. Within 30 minutes I was eating a pretzel the size of my head and drinking a liter of beer. It was around 9am.

Now 9am doesn't really feel 9am when you've been up since 5 something, so drinking that early in the morning was no problem.
The craziness of Oktoberfest continued all day. As soon as we finished a liter of beer, full ones would magically appear. You've got to love a place where yelling and standing on tables is perfectly acceptable, and everyone is in a happy joyful mood.

Jacob and I stayed in the tent until late afternoon when we headed outside for some fresh air. There is a giant hill at the end of the fairgrounds where everyone who has been drinking all day can lay down and enjoy a nap. We did just that. 
We headed back to the train station around 6pm, exhausted from the days events. We took a train back to our hotel and went straight to bed. Drinking beer all day is hard work. 
Oktoberfest was an amazing experience, one that I would definitely love to have again next year. I also can't wait to take another trip up to Germany, it's just gorgeous up there. Although this time I would do a little less drinking, and a little more sightseeing... :)


  1. hahaha love it and love all the photos! I can't wait to go next year!

  2. hmm i think i need to be around for this in 2012. yes please.