Halloween 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We celebrated Halloween this past weekend by throwing a party on Saturday night.
This is the first time Jake and I have thrown a party together, and I must say, I'm not sure if I will be doing it again anytime soon.
Our house has a basement that we really haven't done anything with. We have basically been using it to house boxes and random odds and ends. We decided this would be the perfect location for our party.
Let me tell you, trying to find Halloween decorations in Italy is no easy task. My friend Kylie and I spent the week prior to the party decorating the basement with whatever we could get our hands on. I have to say, the finished result wasn't half bad.

We decided to put a beer pong table in the garage, and my husband took it upon himself to write the "house rules" on the wall with chalk.

Right outside the garage in our yard we also had a bonfire.

I'd say the party was a success. Everyone looked great in their costumes and had a great time! 

Parties are fun and all, but I think I prefer attending them rather than throwing them. 
It's nice to be able to celebrate traditions such as Halloween even though we are living overseas, and we are lucky to be here with such a fun group of people! 
I hope everyone else had an enjoyable Halloween. On to the next holiday! 

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