J'adore Paris: A weekend in Paris

Monday, December 5, 2011

I had hoped to get this blog entry posted in a more timely manner, but it's been busy around here!
Better late than never though, right? 
About a month ago we spent an amazing weekend in Paris. 
It was everything I imagined and so much more. 
It is without a doubt my favorite place I've ever been, and I can't imagine any other place in the world topping it. 
This was also my first time flying Ryanair, and that in itself is an experience. For those you who haven't flown this glorious airline, let me just say they are insanely strict with their carry-on policy. I had to pack everything for a weekend in Paris into a backpack. Yes, a backpack. With a weight restriction. 
But I am proud to say I did it. 
We flew out of the Venice airport Thursday evening, and by the time we actually got to where we were staying in Paris I was ready to crash. 
We stayed in a small apartment right down the street from the Eiffel Tower with a wonderful view. 
Friday morning we got going bright and early. 
First stop: The Louvre

I'm not a big museum person, but the Louvre was really neat. It is HUGE so we decided to grab a map and headed in the direction of the Mona Lisa.

I think the outside of the Louvre is almost as interesting as all of the artwork inside.

From the Louvre we walked down the Champs-Elysees. I love this area, it's what I always pictured when I thought of Paris. One of my favorite things along this street is Laudree, the home of the best macaroons in the world.

Seriously. We tried a variety of flavors, and determined that the pistachio are so amazing, it's not even worth getting anything else.

Next we headed down the street towards the Arc de Triomph.

The view from the top.

Unfortunately it was super cloudy that day, so you couldn't even see the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Our next stop: Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is beautiful. I had no idea that Mass was still held there regularly, which I think is so cool. There was a Veteran's Day mass in progress when we were there, which was neat to see.

Day 2 began with the Eiffel Tower.

You can't go to Paris without an Eiffel Tower photo shoot!
Sorry, I can't post all of them because I want our Christmas card picture to be a surprise!
We headed over to the Luxemburg Gardens which were amazing.

We had to make it over to Montmartre to see the famous Moulin Rouge.
I have to admit, not that interesting and I didn't particularly love that area of town.

I absolutely love Paris, and one weekend wasn't long enough for me. I'm already begging the hubs to take me back! We saw quite a bit for such a short period of time though. We didn't get to see the Palace of Versailles which I was really looking forward to, but there's always next time. You can only cram so much into a day!

Until we meet again....


  1. So cool!! I can't wait till our visit there in August!! Looks absolutely lovely!

  2. love the photos! The louvre looks fairly empty when you were there—how great! It was PACKED the day we went (on a weekend, which makes sense for it to be full). I really wanted to make it to Laudree, but we didn't make it over there. I did try macaroons, though, and oh my word...amazing! Glad you loved it!

  3. WOW...Love the pic of you 2 at the Eiffel tower!!