New Years Project: February

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's already February! 
If you re-call my post about New Years resolutions last month, you'll remember that I decided to make small monthly goals or resolutions instead of a few huge ones for the entire year. 
How did I do in January?
Well, I didn't meet all of my goals. But that's ok, at least I was actively thinking about them, right? 
I didn't expect to achieve everything, and the ones I struggled with I plan on rolling over to my February goals. 
Let's see how I did....
Read 2 Books
Definitely achieved this one. Last month I read The Help (which was amazing!), Bossypants by Tina Fey, Baby Proof (my least favorite Emily Giffin book to date, I hated the main character), and I'm in the middle of my fourth book now! 
Run a 5k
I wish. In order to make this one happen I was planning on jogging 3-4 times a week, but with my schedule being all over the place last month and the freezing cold weather, I didn't make it happen. I really want to achieve this so I am going to stop making excuses and stick to the schedule I set for myself at the beginning of each week! 
Attend Mass Once a Week
I failed. This one is really important, especially since I am going through RCIA right now. There were 5 Sundays in January and I think we only attended Mass on 1 of them. Major fail. 
Travel to 2 new places
A couple of weeks ago we went to Verona for the first time, which we loved! We also took a day trip this past weekend to a couple different areas in Italy that we had never been to before. We definitely want to see as much as we can while we are living out here! 
Do Yoga Once a Week
Another fail! I only did yoga once in the entire month of January! Which is ridiculous because when I did it I felt amazing afterwards! What the heck Nicole? 

I definitely have some work to do, but no one is perfect and that's why I am doing these month by month resolutions! 
So now it's February, and my list will be longer because I am going to roll-over the goals I didn't accomplish last month, as well as add five new ones. I better start knocking some of these out otherwise my list is going to be a mile long! 
So here's to February, and hopes that I accomplish more than I did last month! 

Read 2-3 classic books
Send out Valentine's 
Make one new recipe a week
Finally get my house put completely together! Decor and all! 
Learn how to do a Rosary and complete an entire one
Run a 5k
Attend Mass once a week
Do yoga once a week

Anyone else setting monthly goals for themselves? Did you achieve yours last month? 


  1. My goal is to get the house decorated, too! Let me know if you have any DIY projects you want company for! I have a list piling up for things I want to do/make.

  2. The best reason to get your house in order...throw a party or get together your house will go up in 48 hours or less! Good luck on your lists this month!

    My goal for January was to finally get my HHG's and get set up for a Spouse Open House we (The Key Spouses) had. The HHG's barely made it in time and my whole house got set up and decorated within 4 days. February I hope to get a little bit more organized (I lied a lot a bit) between being a Key Spouse for 2 AMU's, a Board Member of the ESC Here, miscellaneous volunteering commitments and running my own design shop I am sinking and sinking quickly.

    BTW what is RCIA?

  3. Love how you have stated goals for yourself. I should do something like that. I think I will! :). Thank you for stopping by for the cupcakes give-away. Maybe you can make the Boston creme cupcakes for your new recipe for your hubby. :)