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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One thing I love about summer is all of the perfect opportunities to read a good book.
Basking in the sun is not nearly as enjoyable without a page-turner to help pass the time. I realize the same can be said about winter, and getting cozy with a hot cup of tea and a good read, but my mindset is still in summer-mode! And with my trip to Florida only a few weeks away, my summer will most definitely be pro-longed this year!
What have some of my summer reads been the past few months?

Fifty Shades of Grey of course.
Who hasn't been reading this trilogy? Seriously. Although I breezed through book one, the next two are patiently waiting on my Kindle for me. I feel it will make my forever long plane ride back to the States go by that much faster ;)

Gone Girl
Many times I base my book purchases on what have been the bestsellers on Kindle, and thats exactly how I learned about Gone Girl. This book was intriguing, and after reading the free preview of the first few chapters I was hooked. I finished this book in a matter of days, and although I don't want to give anything away lets just say I throughly enjoyed it up until the end. Seriously, if I could re-write that ending I would.

Andy Cohen's Most Talkative
I started this book while we were lounging at the pool in Ibiza, and finished on the plane ride home. It's a fun and entertaining read, especially if your obsessed with all things Bravo as I am. It made me love Andy Cohen that much more, and included chapters about the Real Housewives (which is one of my top guilty pleasures).

The Great Gatsby
An oldie but a goodie, I decided to re-read this classic since I could barely remember anything about it from high school. Often I try to read classic literature and can't get through it due to boredom, but the Great Gatsby is still a page-turner to this day. I also hear they are coming out with a movie version starring Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio and THAT is something I definitely cannot wait for. I recommend re-reading this classic before the movie comes out!

Currently Reading: Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer
After a surprising lack of chick-lit on my summer reading list, I decided I wanted something light-hearted and Southern (can you tell how excited I am to go back to the States?). This book seemed to be just the ticket. Although I'm only a couple of chapters in, it seems to be everything I hoped for.

Here's a few more titles that are currently on my soon to read list:

Have I mentioned how much I love my Kindle? I seriously can't remember how I went about reading without it. One click of a button (well in my case the touch of the screen) and I have a brand new book. I especially love how I can read previews of books before I purchase them.

What have been some of your favorite summer reads? Anything I need to add to my must read list?

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  1. I loved Most Talkative and Southern Charm!