Grado, Italy

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This past weekend was my last weekend in Italy for a few months, so what better way to enjoy it than to explore a new town with my closest Aviano girlfriend?
Grado could quite possibly be one of my new favorite Italian towns. As you drive over the bridge to this "island" you are greeted with sparkling blue waters, and suddenly you no longer feel like you're in Italy anymore. The town has a much more modern feel than most, and there was so much to do! On one side there is a harbor full of sailboats.

While on the other side there is a beach.

We spent our day eating delicious food (so many restaurants to choose from!), wandering around, and stopping for the occasional spritz. We found a cute beach bar with a Key West theme and pretended we were in Florida for a bit.

I wish I had discovered this place sooner, especially since it is a mere hour from where I live.
I can't wait to take the hubby here next summer, and I highly recommend it to any of my Aviano friends who haven't been yet!

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