Veteran's Day in St. Augustine

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've been back in the USA for a little over two months now. I'm slowly starting to get the itch the travel again, and I can't deny that I am looking forward to getting back to Italy for that very reason!
This past Sunday we decided to spend Veteran's day in St. Augustine. Neither of us had ever been before, and since my in-laws were in town visiting Florida for the first time it seemed like the perfect opportunity. St. Augustine is the oldest continually inhabited city in the United States. After living in Italy for a year, the town looked pretty new to me, but I enjoyed it all the same!

Yes, it is the middle of November and I am wearing a sundress. Got to love Florida. This time last year I was freezing my buns off!
Thanksgiving is exactly 1 week away and I couldn't be more excited to be spending it with my family. I have also made a commitment to myself to start blogging regularly again. It has been far too long, and right now I definitely have the extra time on my hands!
I'm off to crank my a/c so that I can snuggle up with a pumpkin latte and a good book :)

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