My favorite breakfast smoothie

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's taken a few days, but I feel like I'm finally fully-recovered from the nasty stomach bug that haunted me last weekend. After only being able to keep down a few sips of chicken broth (saltine crackers even sent me over the edge) I'm finally able to eat real food again!

It's time to get back to clean eating. 

NO processed foods. Lots of veggies.

One of my breakfast favorites is a little smoothie I came up with last summer. 
It's easy, you can drink it on your way to wherever you have to go in the morning, it keeps you full, and it's healthy!


  • Since I only use 1/2 a banana, I store the remaining half in the freezer to use when I run out of fresh bananas.
  • I like to use frozen berries because it makes my life easier, but make sure to get organic.
  • An immersion blender is probably one of the best creations ever. You can get one for like $20-30 on Amazon, and I use mine constantly. It's great for soups too!
  • I wrote 1/2-1 cup of Greek yogurt because when I was working I would have hours between breakfast and lunch so I used a full cup of yogurt to keep me full. Now I only use 1/2 cup because I don't have to go as long between meals. 
  • Sometimes I add a bit of water if the smoothie is looking too thick to achieve my desired consistency.
  • I like to enjoy my smoothie in a fancy glass, because lets face it, it's just more fun that way.



  1. Simple smoothie recipes like this make life easier and healthier. I don't like recipes that require a lot of weird and unheard of seeds or fruits. I like my smoothies simple but delicious, like this! I'll possibly add my own twist into it after a while, just to change things up. I read that you can also use apple juice or coconut water instead of using regular water to make things more healthy!

  2. throw in 1/2 an takes on whatever flavor is there already, it's good for you, and it makes your smoothie thicker!