Spring Wish List

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back in January, when our extended vacation to the States was coming to a close, I gathered up all my new purchases to mail back to Italy. 
Let's just say I couldn't believe the amount of clothing that we had to ship back.

My husband, after taking a ridiculous load of boxes to the post office, kindly asked me to refrain from buying anything for a couple of months. I made a deal that I wouldn't do any shopping until March.

We are now a mere day away, and I must admit my bank account greatly appreciated the shopping hiatus.

Seeing as March 1st is tomorrow, I've obviously been checking out the new springtime goods. 
Since I have become allergic to paying full price for anything, I normally have to wait a bit for my coveted items to drop in price.

As I was browsing online I came across a number of adorable things for spring, and some of them were even on sale! 

These are some of the goodies on my wish list.

The weather here is still freezing, but my mind is already set on spring!


  1. Those are some really refreshing colors for Spring and I love the bag. I am following you now and enjoyed reading your posts. Definitely my favorite is the trip to the CASTLE! The pictures were beautiful and worth the trip!
    I am a new follower and would love for you to follow along.

  2. The shorts especially make me long for spring! I bought a couple of new dresses and I feel like it will be months before I can wear them.