"First things first" blog link-up

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I normally don't participate in a lot of blog link-ups, but this one sounded like fun.
Also, one of my "real-life" BFFs, Kristyn over at Carolina Fireflies, is co-hosting!

This "First Things First" link-up is all blog related this week.

1. First ever blog post

My very first blog post was aptly named "My First Blog." 
Creative right?
It was about the venue for my wedding, and the low-quality pictures crack me up.
My how times have changed!
I started this blog in September of 2009 as a way to share wedding plans with friends and family.
My husband (then fiancĂ©) was about to leave for his first deployment, and blogging about wedding plans helped to distract me. I was nervous about the rules regarding the internet and the military, so you won't see me mention anything about the deployment during that time. 
After we were married is when I really got into blogging, and discovered the wonderful community of military spouse bloggers. 
Since I didn't know anyone else in my position, that community really saved me. Adjusting to married life can be a challenge in itself, but throw in the military on top of that and a girl can feel really lost!

2. First ever comment on your blog

The first handful of comments I received on my blog were all from "real-life" friends.
Thanks guys!
It wasn't until almost a year after I started my blog that I began receiving comments from fellow bloggers that I did not personally know.
I still get excited every time I receive a new comment, and I don't think that will ever change. 

3. First blog-friend or friends

When I first found out we had received orders to Aviano AFB in Italy, I immediately started searching for fellow bloggers currently stationed there. Amanda from Adventures in Italia was super nice, and answered all the questions about life in Italia that I threw her way. Once I arrived at Aviano, we got a chance to meet up in real life. It was fantastic to already have a friend upon arriving somewhere so foreign. 
I absolutely LOVE meeting blog friends in real-life.
The first blog friend I got the chance to meet was Jessica from Jessica Lynn Writes.
She was stationed at Robins AFB in Georgia with me, and had just learned she was going to be moving to Italy as well. Small world huh? We immediately met for coffee and talked excitedly about moving overseas. 
If you are moving or traveling to somewhere new, I highly recommend finding bloggers who live there and stalking them :)
(And by "them" I mean their blogs of course).

I hope everyone's Tuesday is going fantastic!
I'm already dreaming about this weekend, but more on that later. 


  1. My dad was in the military and my brother is stationed in Germany right now with his family. Tell your husband thank you for serving!

  2. I'm glad you decided to join in with us today for our link up! And I see that you were a Florida girl - I am too! Where in Florida were you?! I'm in Tally, so obviously I'm a 'Nole girl :)

  3. I love this. "My first blog" awesome name.

    I love that you live in Italy and your blog name, is amazing.

    Thanks for commenting so I could come find and fall for your blog!

    Have a great day!

  4. Great blog post! This is a great link up!
    I'm visiting from the blog All Things Alisa, and am a new follower! I can't wait to learn more about you and would love for you to visit my blog!



  5. Hi! I just started following your blog, as a fan of both pearls and (especially) prosecco I knew I would love it. I look forward to reading more of your posts!