A new look and the Lilly Pulitzer sale

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pearls & Prosecco underwent a little makeover this past weekend, what do you think of the new look?

This blog is an expression of myself, and I always felt like the old layout wasn't very "me."
I've been blogging for quite a few years now, and both the title and look have changed a number of times. As a person I am constantly changing, so it only makes sense that I would change up my little space on the web as well. 

The Lilly Pulitzer sale began yesterday.
I, like many other women, look forward to the annual Endless Summer Sale every August.
And like every year, the site shut down as quickly as the sale began. I don't know how things are run over in the Pink Palace, but for some reason they are never able to solve this problem.
I'm a sucker for the sale though, and was still able to place a few orders over a span of about two and a half hours (I kid you not). Everything is up and running just dandy now though, so it seems as though they have resolved their issue. 
I hate paying full price for Lilly, so I usually stock up during the sale. This year was a little different. I didn't feel like buying a bunch of clothes that I can't fit into with my growing belly, so instead I focused on accessories. 
I'd say everything I scored will definitely add a little more color to my every day life.

Did you hit up the sale? 

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