Gambling at the Monte Carlo

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I have never gambled in Vegas before.

But that's ok,

because I've gambled where the filthy rich come out to play.

The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.

The casino doesn't open until late afternoon. 

It's easy to kill time if you get there a tad early though.

After all, there's lots of pictures to be taken.

We wandered around towards the back of the casino, just to check it all out.

Groups of people began to crowd the sidewalk out front, waiting to be allowed in.

Backpacks and large bags must be checked, but you need to have your passport on you in order to be allowed in. Of course cameras are not allowed.

Once your passport has been checked (and recorded in their records) you are allowed to enter the casino.

We quickly realized that the area we were entering was the part of the casino that they allow the tourists, the everyday people if you will, into.

It was still exciting none the less. 

You could see more of the casino if you wanted, for a price.

We gambled a litte.

When in Rome, right?

I decided to keep one of my chips rather than cashing it in.

This seemed like the sort of thing I would cross off my bucket list, if I had one.

I can only imagine the sort of people who frequent this place in the evenings. 

We are neither rich nor famous, and we are certainly not royalty, so we were perfectly content with just a sneak-peek into that world for an afternoon.


  1. What a great little adventure, I would love to visit Monte Carlo! Oh and your dress is FABULOUS!

  2. That is kind of cool that you got to go into the casino. When I was there I was way too young, but it was still neat to see :)