Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If I didn't get e-mails to notify me of when my favorite brands have great sales I'd be rich.
It's true.

I just couldn't pass up the Kate Spade surprise sale that's currently going on, but I tried to restrain myself.

(Sometimes it pays to stay one step behind with technology)

and I couldn't resist the Glass is Half Full Idiom Bangle

There were also a bunch of super cute handbags, but I forced myself to have some self control.

and I can't stop thinking about this bright pink Wellesley Rachelle 
(I don't usually go for bright pink, could my baby be trying to tell me something?)

I thought that being pregnant might slow down my online shopping habit, but it just changed from buying clothes to buying accessories. 

I'm sure once we find out Baby C's gender, I'll switch from buying myself stuff to shopping for the little one.

Anyone else score any great steals from the sale? 

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