Nursery Inspiration: Office/Nursery Combo

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back when the idea of having a baby was just that a thought, we always knew that if we added to our family while living in Italy that our current office would become the nursery. 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the room, and we recently came to the decision to make it a combined nursery/office.
I took to Pinterest for a little inspiration on how to combine the two rooms.

Via 1/2/3

It seems as though the trick to combining these two rooms is to keep the areas separate.
The only piece of "office" furniture we will have is a desk, which means the rest of the room will be all nursery.
Right now I am in the process of cleaning everything out of the  current office, except for the desk and it's belongings. Some stuff has found a new home while other stuff has been boxed up to be stored.

Once the crib we ordered arrives, and we makeover what will become the changing table (more on that later), we will start the of task of arranging everything.

Is your nursery a combined space?
Do you have any combined spaces in your home?


  1. I tried this, and you're better off combining your Master with an office, because the newborn, sleeping through anything phase only lasts about three months tops, the you'll find that soft noises like the clicking of the mouse or the opening of a drawer can wake them and you'll I MEAN they'll need that precious precious sleeping time

  2. We had to turn the man cave/office into a nursery in this house. We will be moving sometime between November and January so we won't have to deal with it for long, but I know now that we need extra rooms at our new house!

  3. Well, no baby means no nursery. But our giant extra room is the office, guest room, craft room, and nieces play room :) :)

    Love your inspiration pics :)