16 Week Bumpdate

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna, Austria

How Far Along:
16 Weeks
Size of Baby:
An Avocado 
Total Weight Gain:
About 5 pounds
Stretch Marks:
Maternity Clothes:
Not yet!
Still fitting into my regular jeans, with the help of a rubber band to hold them closed.
I am DYING to know, and keep having dreams about it.
Not yet
Sleeping pretty well, but still getting up to use the bathroom 2-3 times a night.
I also wake up around 6am every single morning, and can't sleep past 6:30 because I get hungry.
What I miss:
I missed out on all of the fabulous beer in Austria this past weekend.
Food Cravings:
Honestly, I'm not really having food cravings.
As long as it's not Italian, I'm ok with it.
Food Aversions:
I wouldn't call it an aversion, but I am incredibly sick of Italian food.
From the moment I became pregnant I was just over it.
Slight cramping as my muscles stretch to make room, occasional headaches.
2nd trimester has been fabulous!
What I'm Looking Forward To:
Finding out if Baby C is a boy or girl!
It is driving me absolutely crazy!

We spent this past weekend in Vienna, Austria and it was the first trip I'd really been on pregnant.
I kept my purse filled with snacks, and would sometimes stop to rest after excessive walking.
As long as I didn't overheat, everything was great.
Even Jacob told me he was pretty impressed by how well I traveled.

I'm pretty happy that I can still fit into a lot of my regular clothes. I have no idea how much longer that will last though.
For some reason I thought I would be a bigger by 16 weeks, but I guess you never really know.
Luckily I held onto my "fat pants" from when I was a little bit bigger, and those have been working great!

If anything, Austria made me realize that I need to get back into some sort of workout routine.
My legs are sore from all the walking!
We leave for London in a week, so this trip was a great test-drive for our future travels.

I'm trying to do as much as I can before my second trimester ends!


  1. You are going to have the most awesome bumpdates with all the traveling you & Jake (and you & me!) are going to do! Love the picture!

  2. You're the cutest little pregnant woman! I can't wait to hear if you're sweet little avocado sized baby is a boy or a girl! I can imagine you must be so anxious!