Checking In on Jacob Douglas

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yesterday we had a full anatomy scan for little Jacob Douglas.
I love any time that I get to see him and catch a glimpse of whats going on inside my belly.
This time was really neat because we could see him moving around in there.
He was kicking his legs, opening and closing his mouth, and trying to put his feet in his mouth.

The ultrasound took quite a while because Jacob was being stubborn and had squished himself down into a corner, refusing to show the tech what she needed to see.
We had to keep lowering part of the chair I was laying on to see if gravity would pull him out of his little cave. 

We were also able to verify that Jacob Douglas is indeed a boy. 

I won't find out any real information regarding Jacob's development until my next doctors appointment, which is in two weeks. 
Hopefully everything looks good!

After our appointment I had some errands to run, and came across a pair of baby Chuck's that I couldn't resist. 

Baby shoes are probably one of the most adorable things ever. 
I am a sucker for miniature versions of adult things. 

I can't believe we're already at the halfway point! 
Only 4 and a half more months until we meet our little man!

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