It's a Boy!

Monday, September 9, 2013

We're having a boy!

This has all been very exciting for us because we weren't supposed to find out what Baby C is for another 3 weeks. 
Recently I had been going on and on to anyone who would listen about how badly I wanted to know what we were having. 

Well, ask and you shall receive.

Last Wednesday I had a routine 16 week check-up. Normally they wouldn't do an ultrasound, but the doctor wanted to check some stuff out. 
I coyly asked him if that meant that we would be able to see the baby today. He said yes, but to not get too excited because the type of ultrasound we were doing doesn't give a very clear picture. 
I then asked him if we could see if the baby had boy parts or girl parts. 
He told me we could try, but that unless the baby was sitting in the perfect position we wouldn't be able to see anything. 

Baby boy was sitting particularly low that day and the doctor was surprised by what a clear view we had of everything. He proceeded to point out the spine, heart, and all of that good stuff. He asked us if we were sure we wanted to know what we were having, but by looking up at the screen Jacob and I both already knew what he was about to point out.

I have an appointment in a few weeks for a full anatomy scan, which will verify that we are in fact having a boy. 
We have very little doubts because the doctor was pretty positive about what he saw.
We are still debating names, and haven't decided on the perfect one just yet.

We are both so excited to be bringing a little boy into the world.
I am SUPER excited to really start planning!


  1. AHHH So exciting!!!! That's awesome that the doc gave you a little peek!

  2. Yee soo exciting! I bet you are thrilled to finally know!

  3. Congratulations! Finding out the gender is so fun because it becomes so much more "real" (: