24 Week Bumpdate

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paris, France

How Far Along:
24 Weeks
Size of Baby:
A canteloupe
Total Weight Gain:
15 pounds
Stretch Marks:
Maternity Clothes:
Jacob has become way more active in the past week. I feel him more often and his kicks have become much stronger. His Daddy can finally feel him when he's moving around! 
No complaints 
What I miss:
Do I really need to answer this again?
Food Cravings:
None really
Food Aversions:
Occasional headaches, feet swelling, some aches and pains from all the traveling we've been doing.
What I'm Looking Forward To:
Seeing baby Jacob's Nana, G-pa and uncle next week!

Six months pregnant! My how time flies!
This past week Jacob Douglas and I traveled to Paris, and it was both wonderful and tiring.
He has now been to France twice, Austria twice, London and of course Italy. In about a week and a half we will soon be adding the USA to the list of countries that little JD has traveled to!

I am loving pregnancy right now.
It is really starting to set in that soon we will have a little person here with us, and if you read my post about living in the moment then you know that the idea of only having 3 months left until February is kind of freaking me out!

Traveling has definitely been keeping me active which is a great benefit.
When we went to Salzburg I climbed up a huge "hill" to reach the fortress that overlooks the entire city, and I can't tell you how proud I was of myself for making it up without a problem!

I mentioned that next week I will be traveling to the USA to visit my family, and I am beyond excited about it.
I really wanted to see them while I'm pregnant, so we are heading to Florida for a short visit.
My parents will be coming out to Italy shortly after little Jacob arrives, but it means a lot to me that I will get to see them at least once while he's still in my belly.

I fully plan on spending this next week resting and recuperating for our next adventure!


  1. New follower - just wanted to say "hi." I'm really enjoying your cute bumpdates! Your picture of Salzburg brings back some happy memories from our honeymoon :).

    Question - what program are you using for your bumpdate pictures? I was trying to do something similar for mine but my current method zaps the resolution. Thanks!

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting that you get to spend it traveling through Europe! We're hoping to go to Paris for the holidays. Fingers crossed our plans are not derailed!

  3. Yay! Six months along! Sounds like your little bump is getting quite the world tour! Getting the travel bug early I guess!

    My bump is making the rounds too! I've taken my bump to Canada, Singapore 2x, and Hong Kong. Next up...BALI!