Living in the moment

Monday, October 28, 2013

 Can time please just slow down for a little while?

On the plane home from Paris the other night, my girlfriend Kristyn made a comment that I only had 3 more months to go. 

3 more months until baby Jacob is here.

I have to admit, in my head I had a mini freakout. 

Although it's technically a little over 3 months until my due date, it's still only 3 months until February is upon us. 

I am loving pregnancy right now, and I'm not ready to think about it coming to an end. 
I love feeling Jacob Douglas move around in my tummy.
I love my little bump. 
Knowing that there is a little person living inside of me is one of the most incredible feelings in the entire world. 

At times I can have a tendency to get too caught up in the future instead of living in the moment.

Perhaps it's because I am a planner by nature. 
Sometimes it's super helpful and useful to think ahead, but it can also prevent you from enjoying what's happening right now.

I have no doubt that this pregnancy is going to fly by, and we are going to have a third family member before we know it.

My goal for the next 3 months is to live in the moment, to soak up every single bit of this experience.

I can't slow down time, but I am going to try my hardest to enjoy every second I can.

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