Preparing the house for Halloween

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yesterday was October 1st, and in our house that means time to break out the Halloween decor!
I love decorating for holidays.
Growing up it was something that my mom always did, and it made everything so much more fun and special.
Now that I'm all grown up with my own home and family, my husband loves it when I decorate too.
There is just something magical about a home that is all decked out for a holiday. 

Since we are in Italy, I pretty much made do with stuff we already had.
I was able to pull some everyday pieces from around the house and add a bit of Halloween flair to them.

Seriously, the first place you should stop to shop is your own home. 
You'd be surprised by what you can move around and re-purpose temporarily. 

For my spooky dining table I used the metallic Mason jar vases that I made here
I utilized a regular cake dome that I already had, and purchased a cheap skull to place inside of it. 
I used some of that horrible fake spiderweb stuff you can buy, along with a bag of fake spiders.
For the candles: to get the look of "blood" dripping down, I used a red candle to drip wax over the white candles. It really was that easy.  

Does this look familiar?
Remember the burlap fall decor I made here? I simply repurposed it for Halloween.
I added a platter I already had, along with a dish for candy.
I bought some little fake skulls to make it more festive, and that was it.

I'm still working on a few other areas of the house, but I'm happy to have accomplished at least part of my decorating yesterday!

Do you enjoy decorating for various holidays?

For more Halloween inspiration (and to see where I got some of my ideas), check out my Halloween pin board.

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