Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I find myself more thankful this year than ever before.

Like always I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, my amazing family and this opportunity we've been given to live overseas. 

This year I am extremely thankful for the little man who is currently residing inside of me.
I am thankful that from what we know he is healthy, and that I have had an easy problem-free pregnancy.

We will be enjoying our Thanksgiving feast with friends over here in Italy, and I couldn't be more excited to be wearing my "Thanksgiving pants" (Friends reference anyone?).

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

An Unplanned Hiatus

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Honestly, I didn't plan to take such a long break from blogging.

For a while I wasn't sure if it was something that I even wanted to continue on with.

We spent two weeks in Florida visiting my family, and I decided to just not worry about this here blog.

I wanted to focus all of my time and energy on my family and preparing for the little one. 

We got back to Italy about a week ago, and I still wasn't feeling the urge to blog.

I wanted to relax, spend more time with my hubby, and focus on other enjoyable tasks like reading and decorating the house for Christmas. 

Basically, it has felt wonderful to be unplugged from the world for a little while. 

I wasn't even sure if I wanted to come back to this.

Blogging is a hobby of mine, not a job. 

I choose to do it because I enjoy it. My husband loves having a virtual place where our memories are stored. My family enjoys seeing what we are up to since we are so far away. 
This is why I do it. 

Real life is more important than virtual life. 
I think in this day and age people (especially my generation and the ones below) tend to get the two a little mixed up.
I see too much of that both in the blogging world and in real life.

I've come across others that appear to be living their life just so they can share about it on social media, when really we should be living life to truly experience and enjoy it. If you want to share about it later that's fine, but remember to live in the moment!

I think it's important to take a break every once in a while, and check yourself to make sure you aren't loosing track of what's important. 
My little unplanned blogging hiatus felt great, and I'm so happy that I just went with it.

With all that being said, I found that I do actually miss this little here blog.

I'm not quite sure how frequently I'll be posting, but I wanted to stop by to say that I am in fact back.

I have loads of stuff to share and post about, as well as more than a few bumpdates to catch up on! 

So if you enjoy reading Pearls & Prosecco I want to say thank you, and that there will be some great content coming your way in the upcoming weeks!

A sad excuse for a bumpdate {25 weeks}

Friday, November 8, 2013

I really slacked on my bumpdate for 25 weeks!

Sadly, I don't have a picture of my bump... So this post will just be a little update instead of my usual bumpdate.

I pretty much spent week 25 resting.
Traveling is fun and all, but it felt amazing to just relax at home. 

Baby Jacob has been SUPER active. I feel him moving around all throughout the day, and we can even see his movements like little waves in my belly. It's the most insane experience.

Last Tuesday I got the flu shot for the first time ever, and it was definitely not a fun experience. 
I ended up sick for the rest of the week, and it got worse over the weekend.
A bad sore throat, no energy, and just overall feeling crummy. It has now manifested into a cold, but I'll save that for my 26 week bumpdate.
Needless to say I spent last weekend at home watching movies, reading Harry Potter, and taking naps. 
Hopefully it will all be worth while and I won't catch anything from my plane ride to Florida!

Speaking of Florida, that is exactly where I will be the next time that y'all hear from me!

USA Bucket List

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Right now I am most likely en route to the USA, and will arrive in Florida tomorrow!

When you live overseas, making a trip back to the grand ol' USA is a treat.

You appreciate things that you never thought twice about before, and you miss things that you wouldn't expect. 

Here is what I am looking forward to the most during our trip to Florida! 


OMG I miss Chick-fil-a. Words just can't describe. Every time I go back home I eat there as often as possible. I hope baby boy enjoys the taste of his first chicken biscuit! 

Shopping at the Mall of Millenia

If you are from the central Florida area, then you know what I'm talking about. 
This is one of my favorite malls, and I can hear Pottery Barn Kids calling my name from way over here.

Getting a Pedicure

Pedicures aren't as popular over in Italy as they are in the USA. To get one you are going to pay a hefty price, and all they really do is put your feet in a bucket and paint your toes. 
Not exactly the process we are used to in the States. 
My mom has agreed to post-pone her monthly pedi and wait for me. After hours upon hours of flying, it will feel amazing to have someone rub my feet.
Not to mention how awful my current situation looks... It's always sandal season in Florida people. 

Burger-Fi on Park Ave

Sorry for another central Florida references, but I can't help myself.
Burger-Fi is this awesome burger joint that they recently opened at Park Avenue in Winter Park. Just thinking about their burgers is making me hungry... Shopping on Park Avenue is always fun, especially because they have a Lilly Pulitzer store. I'm not attempting to fit into any of their clothes right now, but it's always fun to look. If I was having a little girl, going into this shop would surely be problematic. 

Watching my Seminoles!

(At a game last year in Doak stadium)

If anyone reading is an FSU fan, then you know why I am especially stoked to be able to watch FSU play a few games this year! Every now and then we can catch a game over here if it's airing on ESPN and starting early back in the States, but the majority of the time it just doesn't work.
There's nothing like sitting at my parent's house in Florida cheering on my Noles (except being in Tallahassee to cheer them on in person, but maybe next year).

Is there anything in particular that you miss about your hometown? 

What do you think you'd miss the most if you were an expat living outside of the US?

A Day Trip to Salzburg

Monday, November 4, 2013

Every time I post about Austria on this blog, I have to gush about how much I love it.

It truly is one of my favorite countries, and it's one that you don't hear about quite as often.

Sure, it may not be as glamorous as Paris or as popular as Italy, but believe me- Austria definitely has it's own charm.

A few weeks ago we took a day trip up to Salzburg, which just so happens to be my favorite city in my beloved Austria.

We arrived on a Saturday morning and one of their many weekly markets was in progress.

The town is adorable and has a storybook feel to it.
It isn't too big or overwhelming, so it's easy to get lost for the day and enjoy yourself.

If you plan on hiking up to the Hohensalzburg castle (which you just must do), be sure to bring your walking shoes.

The fortress sits atop a mountain overlooking the city of Salzburg.
It's quite a hike, but if I can do it at 6 months pregnant, you can too.

The view of Salzburg as you climb makes it all worth while.

There are a million different places to stop for a photo op, so it's easy to find an uncrowded area to snag some great pics. 

(23 weeks)

A fun fact about Salzburg: Mozart was born there.

The city is full of Mozart souvenirs, which makes much more sense once you know that piece of information. 

We explored the city at our leisure, indulged in some delicious German food (brats wrapped in bacon anyone?), and enjoyed a sunny fall day in this delightful town.

If you find yourself planning a European vacation, I hope you consider taking the time to visit Austria.
It's easily accessible from a number of different countries, and you won't regret making the trip.

We already have plans to head to Salzburg once again at the end of the month for their famed Christmas market, and to say I'm excited would be an understatement.

Have you ever been to Austria? What were some of your favorite cities?

Stripes and Floral: Mixing Patterns in Venice

Friday, November 1, 2013

When it comes to mixing patterns, it either works or it doesn't.
If it doesn't work it can look quite horrendous. 
If it does work, it can be super cute and fun.

My first attempt at mixing patterns just kind of happened.

Here's how I made the look work for me:

Use the same colors.
You need to have something that pulls the outfit together, otherwise you'll look like you got dressed in the dark. 
I accomplished this by sticking with the same colors.

Navy and white striped top? How about a scarf with a lot of navy as well. 
Pops of pink in the scarf? Well, how about a hot pink trench to tie it all together.
Keep the rest simple. I opted for dark skinny jeans and gold ballet flats.

Start small.
There's a reason I picked a patterned scarf instead of patterned pants.
Well, I guess the first reason would be that I don't own any patterned maternity pants.
The reason I'm getting at though is if you've never mixed patterns before, it's easier to start off small.

A beautiful backdrop never hurts either. Use your destination as outfit inspiration.
I can't think of anything that would go better with Venice than navy and white stripes. 

Life isn't boring, so your outfit shouldn't be either.