27 Week Bumpdate

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How Far Along:
27 Weeks
Size of Baby:
A rutabaga? (around 15 inches long and 2 pounds)
Total Weight Gain:
20 pounds :(
Stretch Marks:
Maternity Clothes:
SUPER active this week! Showing off for family in Florida :)
I'm going to blame this on the time change 
What I miss:
Being a normal size
Food Cravings:
None really
Food Aversions:
Round ligament pain, occasional back pain
What I'm Looking Forward To:
Getting all the baby gear that JD needs! 

Week 27 was spent in Florida with my family, and it was fantastic. 

Jacob Douglas was extra active during our visit, and my family got to see and feel him moving around in my belly. 

We took advantage of being in the USA and looked at lots of baby stuff.
Between my mom and I, I'm pretty sure JD owns almost everything currently in Baby Gap.
They had great deals and we really couldn't help ourselves. 
I'd say he's pretty set for his first 3 (maybe even 6)  months of life.
While we were there we made registries at Pottery Barn Kids and Amazon that I will post a bit more about later!
We also did some extensive stroller research, and we found one that suites our needs perfectly.

I am definitely starting to feel some aches and pains as I head into my third trimester.
Walking for long periods of time is rough.
I'm so happy that I was able to squeeze in so much traveling during my second trimester.
I am definitely starting to feel the weight of my belly, although I know it's only going to get worse.

I can't believe I'm almost in my third trimester! Jacob Douglas is going to be here before we know it! 

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  1. You're looking great! I haven't had any food aversions or cravings either, but have gained about 20 pounds as well. Now that I'm on bed rest I have a feeling it's going to get worse. Sleeping (or lack of) at night it what's getting me, I can't stay on one side for too long because my hip starts hurting, so I flip and only have about 45 mins on that side until that one starts. SO wish we had a recliner. :)