29 Week Bumpdate

Thursday, December 5, 2013

After Thanksgiving PJ party at our friends house.

How Far Along:
29 Weeks
Size of Baby:
A butternut squash or acorn squash
Total Weight Gain:
Oh jeez. Not really sure, somewhere between 20-25.
Stretch Marks:
Maternity Clothes:
Actually, some maternity clothes have become tight so I've started wearing my husbands sweaters.
He will have a really active day, followed by a more mellow day. Guess he likes to wear himself out? 
No regular problems 
What I miss:
Being able to sit however I'd like
Food Cravings:
None really
Food Aversions:
Round ligament pain, backaches, inability to get comfortable. 
What I'm Looking Forward To:
Putting together the nursery

Third Trimester!

I am definitely feeling large these days.
I have days where I feel like nothing is fitting right, and I have discovered that my husbands sweaters might be my new maternity go-to.

I had a doctor's appointment shortly after we returned from Florida where I learned that I do not have gestational diabetes (yay!) and that Baby Jacob looks healthy and is in the 25th percentile size wise. He is also already positioned with his head down. All of my blood work also looks good, so I am getting all the vitamins that I need.

I feel like I am getting larger by the week, which is probably because I am.
Right now baby Jacob's main job is to put on fat, which he seems to be doing a great job of judging by how I've been growing. 

My energy level is still pretty decent. I hear that will start to diminish in another month, so I'm trying to do what I can while I still feel good.

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