Paris Snapshots

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When I went on my girls trip to Paris this past fall, the only camera I had at my disposal was my phone. 
My husband has one of those fancy (super expensive) cameras with multiple lenses that can snap a pretty mean picture. He doesn't have an issue with letting me use it, but lets just say that if something happened to the camera I'd be better off not coming home. 
Basically it's not worth the risk for me, and I feel much more comfortable not having the camera in my possession. 
To be honest, I can be rather accident prone and I'm not always that careful.

So off to Paris I went with only my little phone to document the trip, and you know what?
You can take some pretty great pictures with just an iPhone. 

Here are some snapshots from my Paris trip:

There are two tips that I find the most helpful when it comes to iPhone photography:

1. Natural Light
I swear, natural lighting is the best kind of lighting. 
Anytime I try to snap a picture without it, it ends up looking like garbage. 

2. Composition 
It doesn't matter what type of device you are taking a photo with, composition is always super important. 
I really know nothing about photography, and about a year ago I started to follow behind my husband as he was snapping pictures while we were traveling. I would copy his composition with my phone, and it helped me to understand how how he always snapped such awesome pictures. 
You can have the most expensive high-tech camera in the world, but if you can't figure out composition it doesn't matter. 
Really think about the angle you are taking the picture at, and everything that is going to be in the frame. The rule of thirds can be really helpful.

Although I love the quality of photos we get from our fancy camera, you can still capture some great pictures using whatever is at your disposal. 

Want to see more of my trip to Paris? 
Check out the beautiful stained glass of La Sainte-Chapelle and a lovely afternoon tea at Laduree.
All photos were snapped by my iPhone of course.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Now all I can think about is a girls trip to Paris!