Pregnancy Must-Haves

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As I near the end of my pregnancy, it has become clear to me what items I wouldn't have been able to live without for these past nine months.
My list isn't that long because there were very few things that I consistently had to have. A lot of things came and went as my pregnancy progressed, but these items stayed important the entire time! 

1. Body Pillow: I posted about the Snoogle body pillow towards the beginning of my pregnancy, and it's importance has only grown since then. I honestly would not be able to sleep without this. If I had to pick one item from this post that I couldn't do without, it would be this pillow without a doubt.

 2. Skinny Jeans: A good pair of maternity jeans are totally worth it if you ask me. I prefer the full panel style because I've found it's more comfortable and continues to fit while my bump grows. I started wearing these from Gap at about 18 weeks, and I'm still in them now at 38 weeks. Definitely worth the investment in my opinion. 

3. Luna Bars: I started keeping these in my purse during my first trimester, and its been a habit I've continued throughout my entire pregnancy. They taste good and are great at holding me over until it's meal time. Letting yourself get too hungry is not an option, and these are easy to grab when you're on the go. 

4. Lotion: One thing that most women worry about is stretch marks. I personally believe that stretch marks are a genetic thing, and if your going to get them there isn't much you can do about it. With that said I received this lotion as a gift and have been applying it to my belly and chest after I shower. I figure a little extra moisture never hurt anyone. I'm now a couple weeks away from my due date and stretch mark free!

5. Chapstick: My lips have never been chapped so often in my entire life. A glorious effect of pregnancy is that I've become quite the mouth breather, and as a result I tend to find my lips dried out and chapped. This is definitely something I keep on me at all times. 

 6. Flats: I could tell my ankles/legs were starting to swell early on in my pregnancy, so boots were immediately out of the question. Now a days bending down to actually put shoes on is a ridiculously difficult task, which is why I have been living in flats. No socks, no shoe laces, no problems. I can just slip my feet in without any issues. The Tory Burch "Reva" is my favorite because they are super comfortable and the leather is soft so it feels less restricting on my swollen feet.  

Are there any items that you couldn't live without during your pregnancy? 

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  1. Definitely remembering all of these items for the future! I sleep with so many pillows surrounding me I think that pillow would be a good investment now!