2 Months Old

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dear Jacob,
I cannot believe that you are 2 months old today. You have grown and changed SO much in such a short period of time.

Your eyes are still blue and everyone has their fingers crossed that they will stay that way! You have some insanely long eyelashes, and I love seeing them when you look up at me while we're feeding. You have brown hair, but not very much of it is left. Most of it is gone in the front, and in the back you just have patches.

You are such a happy baby! 
You have a huge smile that absolutely melts my heart. About three weeks ago you started mimicking me when I smiled at you, but now you do it all on your own. 
You love to lay on your play mat. You kick your legs and swat at the toys that are hanging down in front of you, and talking up a storm. You are able to completely entertain yourself, and the other day you laid there for about 45 minutes having a blast on your own. 

You are a hungry guy, and most days eat about every two hours. 
You have started sleeping for longer spurts during the night, which I am so thankful for. You usually fall asleep at about 9pm, and wake up at around 2:30am to eat. The whole ordeal takes about an hour (thats from the time we get up to the time you are back asleep) and you sleep for another 2-3 hours after that. Speaking of sleep, you are still in a bassinet next to our bed but I fear that you will be too big for that very soon.

You LOVE laying on your changing table, which your Dad and I think is hilarious. That is where you give us your biggest smiles, and love to chat. You could lay there forever and be perfectly content.
Your Dad and I think you are the most entertaining thing we have ever seen. Between your animated facial expressions and many noises, we have a blast with you.

You have to know what is going on at all times, and love to see the world around you. You get upset when you can't see me, but that's ok because we are best buds and pretty much do everything together. When we put you in a baby carrier to wear you around, you refuse to face into us which is what's recommended for a guy your size. You are a curious little dude and insist on facing out.

You love the water, and always enjoy bath time. Sometimes you take a shower with Dad and don't mind the water spraying you in the face one bit. We can't wait to get you in a swimming pool for the first time this summer.

You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us, and we are having so much fun with you!

Your Mama


  1. He is just so adorable! I love all his expressions!

  2. these letters are so precious and vital to write - I promise you won't regret them and you'll look back and just smile and cry. My daughter is 2.5 and I still read them every once in a while. Pictures are great to look back at but they don't have AS MUCH detail as letters like this....anyways, by the way, I'm Whitney - your newest follower :) I stumbled across your blog today and I'm glad I did! :)