Weekend Happenings

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My idea of what constitutes a "good" weekend has changed drastically since having a baby.
We used to spend this precious time traveling, tasting wine, dining at new places. 

My how times have changed.

Now what gets me the most excited about the weekend is that Daddy is home, so I have someone to help me with the little guy. 

Saturday was a great example of how we enjoy spending our down time these days.
After our 5am feeding Dad took Jacob and played with him for a bit so I could sneak in a bit more sleep (the crack of dawn is this child's favorite time to play). 
The weather was fabulous, 70 and sunny, so we moseyed down the street to our favorite cafe where we sat outside and enjoyed a cappuccino and brioche. 

Grilling out seemed to be the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine from home, so we headed down to the store to pick up the necessities (food and beer of course).
The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the patio and eating good food.

Later on, the little guy even happily sat through a quick photo session with me (7 weeks old!).  
This child has no idea how much entertainment he provides us with.

The best part?
We were all upstairs snuggled in bed by 8pm.

In my book, that was a very successful Saturday with a newborn.

How did you spend your weekend?
If you've had babies, did your weekend itinerary drastically change after having them? 

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  1. Snuggling up in bed earlyEARLY is seriously the best thing ever. And your little one is just the cutest little thing...adorable :)