Moving Shenanigans

Friday, August 22, 2014

Since we've been married my husband and I have moved three times.
That doesn't sound like much but when you take into consideration that we have only been married for (almost) four years, that's probably more than the average Joe. 

I thought that moving was somewhat stressful before we had a baby, and for that I want to go back and tell past Nicole that she should have stopped complaining and making a mountain out of a mole hole (is it a mole hole or a mole hill? I'm not really sure).
Because honestly, moving really isn't that difficult when it is just you and your significant other.

Throw a baby into the mix, and it's a totally different story.

I'm sure that later on down the road if we have multiple children, I will be telling this current version of myself to shut it because I'm pretty sure that moving with multiple little ones would be even MORE difficult. 

But for now, this is my reality.

After being at my parents house for a little over two weeks our first round of stuff from Italia arrived on Monday.


Little man now has a crib! My husband and I have more than a weeks worth of clothes (we have been recycling the same 7-10 outfits for a month), various baby necessities (diaper genie and changing pad anyone?), and of course toys. 

All week long I've been trying to "move" us into my parents house.
Yes, it's Friday and I'm still not completely done (almost, I swear!).
Trying to accomplish a task here and there during nap times or when our little associate is busy at work in his "office" makes simple things like organizing and emptying boxes take way longer than it ever should. 

The "office"

Honestly, I could live in chaos way longer than is probably socially acceptable, but I feel bad leaving my parents home in total disarray for too long. 

In a month (or two) we will get to do this whole shebang all over again when we move out of Nana and Gpa's house and into our own place.

When you look at the big picture picture though, none of that really matters. As long as I get to see these two goofballs every single day I could live in a box. 

I know you are probably thinking, "Nicole, why don't you go finish unpacking instead of sitting on your computer typing up this post?"

You're completely right. My coffee is gone and my child is still asleep, so I will get back to moving us in and making us feel more at home.

Happy Friday y'all!

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