Back to blogging {why I decided to come back}

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why did I decide to come back to blogging after so many months?
I honestly didn't think I was ever going to.
Looking back on old posts is what really inspired me to start writing and sharing again.

I was reading through my pregnancy posts from last time, and I realized how thankful I am to have such wonderful documentation of that experience.
I became a little disappointed that I hadn't really shared anything about our lives since we left Italy.
No posts from Jacob's first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthday to look back on.
Those were incredible memories and I wish I had documented them here.

So thats when I decided I was ready to start putting some time into this blog again.
I absolutely love having this to look back on, and that's reason enough for me to continue doing it.

I have lots of new stuff to share, but I also want to play a little catch up.
So if you happen to see a post in the near future about things that happened quite a while ago, it's because I want to have these memories in my blog to look back on. 

I hope that there are people who enjoy reading what I write, but if not thats ok too.
I ultimately write this blog for myself, and thats what I need to remember.

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  1. I just started back to blogging after a MUCH longer break, it's so nice to have an outlet again. LIfe just gets crazy!